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However you reach us, the next step is to schedule an appointment at the home, so together, we can discuss your individual needs. Can’t meet face-to-face right away? Do you have Skype? Were happy to do a Skype call to move things along to the next step.

Home watch, concierge services

Protecting, Providing, Pampering…

You & Your Home.

Vacation Home Watch & Concierge Services

Serving Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Foley, AL and surrounding areas.




If you live 90+ minutes away from your Alabama or Florida Gulf Coast vacation home, Gulf Getaway Guardians wants to be your “friend at the beach.” GGG will monitor your home, help protect your investment, and handle all the countless personal and professional “to-do” list items that are tough to coordinate from a distance. Storm coming? We can do storm-readiness (i.e., bring outside furniture inside, for starters!), along with post-storm property monitoring, service call management and repair coordination.

Start with our Basic Service Package, add your choice of optional services, and have Gulf Getaway Guardians deliver them weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Some of our BASIC HOME WATCH services include:

  • Check for Structural Damage
  • Check plumbing for leaks under all sinks, toilets and hot water heater.
  • Check refrigerator and freezer temperature
  • Remove newspapers, advertising, bring in mail, trash cans, sweep around front entrance
  • Check lights around inside house  and replace bulbs if necessary
  • Alarm system check
  • Check that all doors and windows are locked
  • Heat and air conditioning temperature setting and filters
  • Run garbage disposals as it lubricates seal
  • Remove all food/trash and prepare home for your next visit


Some of our Basic Home Concierge services include:

  • Grocery Shopping prior to you arrival for food.  Use our handy grocery list and feel free to add any additional requests
  • Shop for wine or liquor
  • Shop for flowers or gift basket
  • Make reservations for restaurants
  • Receive deliveries for you
  • Purchase ticket to events such as concerts
  • Book fishing trips
  • Reservations for boat, parasailing or jet skis rentals
  • Arrange to pick up clients from Pensacola Airport

We have access to wonderful gourmet cooks, catering special order meals for you!



What is the purpose of a Home Watch service company?

Home Watch companies are specifically designed to reduce the stress of owning a vacation home, and being an absentee owner for weeks or months at a time. Our job is to ensure your valuable asset is secure, protected and free from unexpected damage. Your home is our priority, and we treat it like our own.

Why should a homeowner use the services of a Home Watch company?

As homeowners, we all experience normal wear and tear on our homes. But being an absentee homeowner of a vacation home in or near a coastal area, carries major potential risks and inconveniences:  storms, flooding, wind damage, water leaks from internal and external plumbing, electrical problems, insect and pest infestation, and many other adverse events that can damage your home without your knowledge.

How does it work?

We’ll provide the services you choose, and at your desired frequency: weekly, biweekly or monthly. If your home requires maintenance services beyond our capabilities, we’ll help you locate those individuals or companies who can provide those services. We will only recommend companies that are licensed, bonded and insured.

If those services are being performed by others, we’ll act as if it were our own home, and make sure those services are being performed to our personal satisfaction.

Exactly what does a Home Watch services company check?

We provide a standard list of services (please see our Basic Services Package), which can then be customized with additional services, according to the individual needs of the home and the homeowner. We can also provide concierge services for the homeowner (please see our Concierge Services list).

What happens in the event of a problem in my home?

As experienced home-watch service providers, we’ll immediately respond to the problem. If you are not present at the time, we’ll contact you, assess the problem, recommend the appropriate response and service provider, and manage the resolution of the problem in the most cost-efficient manner possible. If the problem arises while you’re in the home, we can advise you on the best response to the problem, and direct the appropriate individuals to make the required repairs.


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“We want to protect your home from the kind of disaster that happened to us,

while helping you get the most enjoyment and pleasure out of your vacation time - in this place we all love so much.”


Dave and Debbie Gatti

Dave and Debbie Gatti found out about home-watch services the hard way. Driving into their Destin, Florida vacation home one Friday night, they discovered to their horror that their hot water heater had burst, flooding most of the house, and ruining their wood floors, carpets and furniture. Most of their vacation was spent doing just about everything except vacationing.

Friends told them about a home-monitoring service they’d used to do “walk-throughs” of the property, and report on any problems. How much cost and hassle might that have saved them? Plus, the company offered grocery shopping and home set-up prior to their arrival. From then on, they were vacationing from the moment they arrived!

Debbie and Dave lived in Marietta, Georgia for years raising a family—two kids, four grandkids—and yes, owning their own beach property in Destin. Debbie had grown up in Alabama, and spent many summers vacationing on the Gulf.

Dave owned a marketing company that, for many years, serviced Home Depot and Lowe’s with flooring and other building materials. Buying foreclosed homes to refurbish and resell provided him with invaluable experience identifying home “issues” and knowing how to fix them.

In November, 2013, Debbie retired as marketing director for a large Atlanta-area law firm after 17 years (David had retired two years earlier), and they made the move to Gulf Shores.

Like most active retirees, they decided they wanted to keep busy, and their own home-watch business, Gulf Getaway Guardians, was born.


Says Debbie, “This is the perfect retirement business for our personalities. We’re looking forward to providing our clients with the best service on the beach, and to proving we’re the best choice in home-watch companies in Alabama. We’ve really been enjoying the beach and the slower pace of life, meeting great people, and savoring all the wonderful restaurants, concerts and events here in the Gulf Shores area.”

How It Works

For a set fee, we offer our Basic Services Package, which you can then customize with any additional services necessary to meet the specific needs of your home and circumstances.

Reach out today. Stop worrying and start enjoying your vacation beach home completely.

Serious peace of mind is just a phone call or email away.



Gulf Shores, Alabama


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